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Message to a new century “VERT SYSTEM ECOLOGY”

A new generation / – brake pad for ecology cars

The after brake pad with which fitting is merely determined as the “environment-friendly car” which appears one after another only by the weight of climate or a car in response to a demand of a new generation is not suitable. The durability in which the high-density friction material which also smashed the common sense of the conventional friction material and was completed with non asbestos and the original material of non steel by the original newest process technology which we drew was simultaneously [ with brake fluid ] excellent to the last is also compatible. The high-density friction material newly developed as only for “Vert-System ECO” excelled [ place along the route ] especially in the effect of stopping the dust of the brake pad which is surely the cause of the environmental destruction which floats in large quantities to the minimum, and also made near [ that there is nothing ] generating of the black dust which adheres to an aluminum wheel immediately simultaneously and spoils a fine sight. To – brake pad [ of / which we advocate / new generation who generating of high durability and minute dust was canceled / generation /, and decreased the attack nature to a rotor even to 1/10 of standard articles ] for ecology cars, the first 50,000km wear guarantee for five years in the industry It is guaranteed by the “WARRANTY service system.” It will be ——- “the VERT System ECO” to the new common sense in the 21st century.

New standard on account of a new dimension “VERT”

Rebalance in high order origin” for which the brake pad in a town youth is asked

“VERT” was developed considering “Rebalance in high order origin” for which a brake pad is asked in a town youth as the greatest theme. After securing first the stable braking power which covers all temperature regions sufficient required in all everyday scenes, the flexible friction material newly developed for the purpose of braking power strengthening from 50 degrees C especially at the time of low temperature is made as use, and the comfortable braking response which occurs a feeling of a fit is made actual. As a result of supplying this new material, as for the attack nature to a rotor, in addition to the characteristic of getting used reasonable also to abrasion surface of the disk rotor produced in its own car with much mileage from the first, the dissolution of brake dust and brake sound realizes the data value of one third compared with a standard article. furthermore, 2.1 time of the existing article which reverses the conventional concept if it results in durability — the overwhelming data value was also attained That is, “Vert” clears all the difficult problems for which a pad is asked so that naturally, and it exists here. It is exactly the fact of having finished the target value which carried out as it thinks best, searched for the new dimension, and was imposed on oneself. New standard ——– which the brake pad of a new dimension could accomplish [ VERT ]

Non-experienced FIRU rear RAIZU “VERT SE”

Delicate braking stable power proportional to treading strength

The further lofty peak of “Vert” series and “Vert-SE” (VERT : Special Edition) were born every day to the standard article which settles in the balance which can say it also as a compromise point in hard [ slight / which asks for the average performance to a huge mass-production vehicle ] for my dear friends who cannot wipe away various dissatisfied feelings. The exclusive friction material which supplied the know-how of the brake engineering to which we have cultivated “Vert-SE” for the purpose of realization of “clear stable braking power” for years in addition to basic performance of series basic slack “Vert”, and developed it newly from all is used. It also becomes possible to realize stable braking power>> to which it stepped on and is proportional to treading strength from the start by this till a stop, and delicate control nature without an equal will be felt in the stable feeling. moreover, linear improvement with both marked fade-proof nature and / durability which should disagree with a feeling of braking — achieving — especially — durability — 3.37 time super- of the existing article — up to absolute data — achievement Furthermore, the attack nature to a rotor also reversed the technology with which one fifth and brand-name parts of a standard article covered, and did not go out, and realized advanced brake theory here. Embodied type [ from the newest engineering ] ———– [ VERT SE ]

The completed newest theory “VERT SS”

Improvement in the fast system for fade, braking power extremely stabilized from the high-speed region

We imposed completion of the basic proposition of a different dimension of reconciling large mitigation of the brake dust which soils a wheel, the unpleasant dissolution of brake sound produced from the unevenness of a friction coefficient, and the attack nature mitigation to a disk rotor and improvement in braking power as a goods concept of “Vert” series on oneself. any standard article — although — receiving actually, we achieved control of braking power [ which is produced from a wear degree ] change which is carried out and could not be accomplished while stating it by the original process And it came to prove [ group / brake pad / which was completed by original high temperature compression molding again ] the performance which is not a kind soon. while “Vert-SS” (VERT : Super Sports) maintains the lofty peak of series, and the feature given to “Vert-SE” — further — ceramics, carbon, etc. — adding — — the additional subject fast improvement [ in fade-proof nature ], and braking power>> extremely stabilized from high-speed region — realization It is the supremacy work which completed all the performances for which a brake is asked only with the brake pad by balance in high order origin. Completed type [ of the newest brake theory ] ———- [ VERT and SS ]

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