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”Embodiment of the newest technology “Garvin Autosport”

In order to control a strange domain.

GT car of a traditional highest peak event “Le Mans ” is the just severest durable race that contends for the championship. Even if near fighting [potential ] calls it the pile of the sprint level for 24 hours, it is not an overstatement. We dared have thrown the sport pad of a new material into “Le Mans.” make a clear division between our pads and the other sport pad. First, after securing durability ability, it is clear in the improvement in a friction coefficient it was presupposed that was conflicted by no less than about twenty sorts of original material combination. Opposite wear nature attains two to 2.6 times of a normal non asbestos material, without using no iron powder which has a bad influence on a carry par etc. Moreover, the outstanding heat insulation effect by original two-layer disk structure came to make the possibility of fade decrease sharply. Realization of mitigation of the brake dust which soils an aluminum wheel, brake fluid with a feeling of a fit and the distinguished wear resistance, and durability serves as an indicator of a new sport pad.

New standard of a present age brake “KRANZ GIGA”

The new standard born by the new concept.

“An aluminum wheel does not become dirty with black powder. Sound of a thin brake is not started. And brake fluid with a feeling of a fit.” In order to set to “KRANZ GIGA” which united aim with the brake pad of an import car, and started new development, including much requests from a user as much as possible, it is the standard imposed on oneself. The new goods of us who added a new subject called the black exclusion of iron powder with many parts which put the theme only on braking nature which is and soils the wheel of its important own car in inside, and silence of a jarring brake sound were considered as an excessive standard setup beyond braking. However, as a result of obtaining overwhelming support from import car user my dear friends, the lineup which has attained to 1400 type of a car with unexpected sales performance since sale is realized. This fact is just data proving the quality of goods, and our spirit above all.

New brake performance “KRANZ GIGA BASIC”

The new challenge to value.

a long time crossing being huge data a basis two a year reaching development a period having required KRANZ GIGA series the newest an item ” BASIC “. Even if we who continue supply of pure authorization parts to many regular in porters just call realization of the total balance in high order origin the new indicator of brake engineering drawn from minute data once again, it is not an overstatement. It is regazing about the vector of the functionality given to the conventional series. And although sufficient performance balance required for a town youth every day eliminates the attack nature to the friction coefficient and rotor which respond to the delicate toe control at the time of a Braking linearly, the improvement in performance which should be mentioned especially, such as improvement in the wear durability which achieved realization, and the initial braking power from the time of low temperature, is checked. It does not stop at KRANZ GIGA which knew all import vehicles, therefore a mere admission item.

Conclusion of new brake engineering “KRANZ GIGA plus”

Joy of the newest engineering

“GIGA plus” which used the newly developed material which raises especially an early response by leaps and bounds in addition to the basic performance of “KRANZ GIGA.” In consideration of the road situation of Japan, development was performed more with emphasis on “sensitivity” to the maker brand-name parts with which it is the feature with which to have united with the high-performance car and to have raised the initial braking nature in all temperature regions, and feeling peculiar in the cases, such as sudden braking from the time of a high-speed run, remains. Fade-proof nature also realizes initial braking power from the time of the period of treatment made conventionally impossible by high order origin, without attaining to a peak in vain. Sporty Driving of a chip box changes with supremacy joy at the high-speed drive which picks up an important family, and the time.

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