it Billy More American Soul !
The U.S. car born to the vast ground is asked for "comfortable nature." If the megalopolis which stands in a row in 700km or more of East Coast is removed and a town will be left 1 step although it is called a big city, in the casual dress of a Japanese vehicle, the winding road from every day cannot be managed. Because of the genius, the admiration which has merely continued denying the custom of a U.S. vehicle from a viewpoint of Japan cannot be denied in Japan. Generally the brake arrangement of a U.S. vehicle will be told by the ambiguous impression. We started at backbone the engineering which dealt with a vast quantity of brake pads for import vehicles for the first time with careful attention to this point at development of brake pad "IT-Billy" only for U.S. vehicles. In brand-name parts, the sense of stability which is not experienced at the time of braking will convey "sensitivity" of a driver to a controller bull for the first time not to mention "exclusion of brake dust" which could not be accomplished, and "improvement in durability."
"for which AMERICAN asks -- comfortable -- sex =Comfortable" -- the new More stage


Mark 1

Mark-1 <<IT-Billy!; the thickheaded which continues being told a Mark-1>> United States vehicle is also the result of asking for the "comfortable nature" and the "safety" in a long distance. However, in Japan, it is interrupted by the distance between two cars and the signal over which it passes and which is not comfortable constant and a result only demerit is indicated to be is brought. The factor of this "comfortable" gap is in the feeling of a fit at the time of the braking curve at the time of the low temperature which a U.S. vehicle makes unskillful, and a slowdown. <<IT-Billy!;Mark-1>> is the pure type of the ceramics which made the basic characteristic which Japanese owner searches for balance by high order origin, and carries out the lineup of the 46 or more kinds. (As of November, 2002)


Mark 3

Mark-3 <<IT-Billy!; Mark-3>> catches load movement at the time of a sudden Braking and required sufficient Braking power in all temperature regions supposing all driving scenes of Japan. By use of the newly developed only for U.S. vehicles and friction material, brake dust and disagreeable brake sound are canceled dramatically. The lineup corresponding to almost all the U.S. car imported was also prepared. By the injection of this material with the characteristic which adapts itself also to the rotor arranged strongly, a U.S. vehicle feels brake fluid of a new standard.


Mark 5

Mark-5 <<IT-Billy!;Mark-5>> is the special edition of the series highest peak which pursued the preeminent control performance which responds to the strength of delicate treading strength after raising fade-proof nature and durability to the further stage. If it results in the new material blended only for the said grades, about 3 times of a pure article and the attack nature to a rotor attain the absolute digital data by which about 1/of durability attains to 5. The quality which does not allow other imitation, and very abundant correspondence type-of-a-car lineup are also the messages from us towards U.S. vehicle owner.